About Us


Kamanza is a Japanese style bar(Izakaya) in a very traditional Japanese-style house in Kyoto.

We always serve a wide variety of Kyoto style fresh foods from seafood to rice strictly selected by well experienced Japanese chefs at an extraordinarily low price. We guarantee our foods will blow you away. Be ready to start a journey to discover new foods with us!

We appreciate any customers, single, couples, families or large groups.

Recommended foods

Traditional Kyoto cuisines: Wheat gluten Dengaku, egg roll, deep fried vegetables, White meat fish in yuba sauce
Kamanza originals: Boiled pork, Cow muscle stew, original potato salad
Popular menu: Fresh seafood, Fried pork and green onion on skewers, Skewered chicken(Yakitori), Ochazuke
Beverage: Shouchu, Japanese Sake, Fruit wine, Soft drinks



We are located on Maruta street in front of Kyoto city hall. This district is in the heart of Kyoto, between Nijyo-castle(world cultural heritage) and Gosho.
It’s also within 10 minutes walking distance from ANA crowne plaza hotel.